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Impulse Workshops

Reflecting on racism in group leadership

Thursday, 15.06. 14:00 to 17:30

How does racism shape our thoughts, our actions and our work? How does it affect groups and what can I as a leader do about it? Together we will look at how racism is understood and reflect on how this can affect our work with groups. We will interactively brainstorm ways to break down racist structures in our own work. This workshop is meant as an initial impetus towards developing personal strategies for dealing with racism and group power structures, thus raising sensibilities and making group offerings more inclusive. It is primarily intended for people who lead (or aspire to lead) creative groups yet face uncertainties over the topic of racism.

Participation is free of charge. Email to register.

This reflection space will be facilitated by Shavu Nsenga. Shavu is a social scientist and qualified conflict mediator who has been working to raise sensibilities for racism and postcolonial power structures for 7 years. With experience from association work and empowerment projects as well as diasporic organisations and development policy contexts, she is dedicated to challenging racist systems and structures and increasing visibility for BIPoC perspectives. Shavu is an activist and musician who examines intersectional realities of life creatively and artistically.

Photo: Christian Palm

Tears for fears for queers

Thursday, 15.06. 14:00 to 17:30

How can I sensitise myself to a queer view of my environment? Playfully and thoughtfully, Malin and Marguerite will lead participants through an exploration of this question and related approaches.

Unfortunately, pursuing a queer perspective and life path often – though, luckily, not always – means encountering discrimination on many levels, including on stage. Some forms of discrimination seem obvious, others remain latent; we are especially interested in the latter.

Please note: this workshop will involve discussing some very personal experiences.

Participation is free of charge, registration is now possible at

Malin is a freelance actor who studied stage acting in Graz. After two years at a municipal theatre in provincial southern Germany, Malin moved to Cologne, hungry for queer approaches to performing arts.

Photo: Stefan Henaku-Grabski

Marguerite is a freelance theatre educator. In 2019, she started to fan the emerging queer feminist spark into a flame through the content of her pedagogical work. For many years prior to this, no one had seemed particularly interested in this avenue of exploration.

Photo: Philipp Noack