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hosting theatre WESTWIND 2022

Schauspielhaus Bochum / Theaterrevier

After 30 years, Schauspiel Bochum is finally getting another chance to host the Westwind festival and theatre convention. What an honour!

The 2022 edition of WESTWIND festival will take place at our newly opened venue Theaterrevier in Bochum, a place where children’s and youth theatre from Bochum and the whole world can unfold. A place where, together with our youth supervisory board “Drama Control”, we develop new conceptual and artistic perspectives on theatre – with a special focus on inclusion and anti-discriminatory approaches. We are delighted to welcome you to the festival and theatre convention WESTWIND 2022!

Schauspielhaus Bochum / Theaterrevier
Prinz-Regent-Straße 50-60, 44795 Bochum
T +49 (0)234 / 3333 5528