patron groups and classes

More than 500 children and teenagers delight in experiencing the productions presented at WESTWIND festival. Patron groups and classes have the chance to attend the productions chosen by the selection committee and follow up on what they have seen. With the help of a theatre education specialist, they reflect on what they have experienced and provide feedback to the production team in the form of a special “gift”: This could be a scene, a text, a picture, a rap or slam poetry on what the children and teens found most moving. The results are subsequently presented to theatre professionals during the production discussions.


participating institutions

Bertha-von-Suttner Gymnasium Oberhausen
Evangelischer Kindergarten Almastraße, Oberhausen
Evangelischer Kindergarten „Karibu Sana“ Alstaden Oberhausen
Fasia-Jansen-Gesamtschule Oberhausen
Gesamtschule Weierheide Oberhausen
Heinrich-Böll-Europaschule Oberhausen
Internationale Kinderakademie Oberhausen
Josef-Albers-Gymnasium Bottrop
Landfermann-Gymnasium Duisburg
Städtische Kindertageseinrichtung Lirich, Oberhausen
Rolandschule Oberhausen Wunderschule Oberhausen und OGS Wunderwelt/Wunderschule