children’s jury and youth jury

Children’s jury
For the 36th edition of WESTWIND festival, we sought recruits in all of Wesfälisches Landestheater’s partner schools and ended up with a motley crew of participants. Some of them have already acquired first theatrical experience of their own, whether as participants in the WLT children’s club or through school theatre projects; others only know theatre as audience members. Regardless of their background, they are all united in their desire to express their views on theatre, gain new theatrical experience and have the opportunity to be an expert in children’s theatre for a week. During that time, they will learn how to talk about their impressions, voice their opinions and ultimately reach a decision about who deserves the children’s jury award.

Youth jury
The participants of the youth jury maintain close ties with our theatre and have already acquired a considerable amount of theatrical experience. At WESTWIND festival, they now have the opportunity to take a closer look at the diverse world of theatre in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the youth jury, they are tasked with communicating what speaks to them and what does not, where the topics they care about are reflected and where the point is somehow missed, and whether they feel that their lives or their reality is resonating onstage.
Their opinion is what counts. The focus of their attention this week will be on the portrayal of prejudice and ways to deconstruct it.


guidance of the youth jury

Camille Konnen has worked as a freelance theatre educator since completing her studies at Hochschule Osnabrück in 2018. Her most recent projects include developing a performance on the topic of “self-portrayal in social media”, holding theatre classes for children and teens on the topic of sustainability and setting up the exhibition “Lieblingsstücke”.  She is currently touring the state of Sachsen with the collective “Mensch:Theater!”. In schools, she organises plays and workshops on various prevention campaigns, among other topics, in which she also performs.


guidance of the children’s jury

Kilian Seeger, born in 1995 in Krefeld, is currently studying theatre education (B.A.) at Hochschule Osnabrück - Campus Lingen.

During his studies, he has realised artistic projects, helped organise student festivals and investigated the world of children’s and youth theatre through research papers, among other endeavours. Parallel to his studies, Kilian Seeger works as a theatre educator and assistant director for various projects.

He participated in the Next Generation Forum at the 2018 edition of WESTWIND festival at COMEDIA Theater in Cologne.