meeting place volxküche

Chef and activist Wam Kat sees the kitchen as a place for togetherness. Everyone will meet there at some point, whether they are living as a family or in a shared space. And that’s the same for WESTWIND in Oberhausen. The Volxküche in the theatre forecourt is a kitchen for everyone. Wam Kat will cook for and with the festivalgoers. Everyone is very welcome to come and chop, cook and eat together.
Wam Kat is a Dutch cook. In 1981 he founded the Rampenplan Group and since then has cooked for people involved in political action. In 2011 he opened Fläming Kitchen, a veganvegetarian mobile canteen. The group makes food at demonstrations, festivals, political and cultural events. They prefer to work with locally-sourced environmentally-friendly products. All ingredients should be fair trade and produced naturally. The Volxküche also cooks with food that would otherwise be thrown away. Fruit and Vegetables are frequently dumped because they are the wrong shape or have blemishes. Volxküche rescues this food and turns it into tasty meals.

There will be a big slicing and dicing disco at our Family Festival. DJane Heat Légère will play hot tunes while we all chop reclaimed fruit and veg to the beat: aubergines, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, broad beans, endives, fennel, cucumber, honeydew melon, ginger and much more.
Our festival meals for the Opening and the Closing Ceremony will be supplied by the wonderful Refugees’ Kitchen. Refugees’ Kitchen is a kitchen in a mobile home where local and refugee artists can collaborate and cook. We’re looking forward to delicious dishes from all around the world!