The “Insights” offer visiting theatre professionals practical meet & greet opportunities with the artists collaborating with children and teens in Oberhausen. Participation is free of charge. All Insight sessions will take place in parallel on Sunday, 16 June 2019, from 11:30 to 13:00.


jens burde set designer, concept artist

Jens Burde’s group projects are practice-oriented, culturally motivated, theme-centred, time-limited and thus usually goal-driven. Based on an underlying idea, design processes emerge which are then implemented together in a dynamic process with consideration for the basic knowledge and ability of each individual in the group. Participants will paint, screw, sand and build. While the group works, Jens Burde will talk about his experiences. He is looking forward to exchanging views and ideas with the participants. Location: theatre forecourt


colectivo el nido de las artes

Colectivo El Nido de las Artes is a group from Nicaragua. In one of the poorest districts of the city, it began to use art as a tool for social change by offering circus workshops. The project aims to enable young people to participate in society. In this session, the group offers practical insight into its work and experience shortly before its guest performance. Location: pool


gary ghislain, author

Gary Ghislain writes humorous and thrilling sci-fi & horror novels for children and teens. His spooky children’s series “The Goolz Next Door” has received many awards. In this session, he will provide insight into his style of writing. Language: English /French Location: meeting room


monika gintersdorfer, director, choreographer

In her work, Monika Gintersdorfer teams up with her collaborative partners to examine physical and linguistic translation processes. Together with Ordinateur and Franck E. Yao, she will offer practical insight into her work. Location: OPR


inès lauber, food designer

Inès Lauber combines culinary flair with design and performance art. Her work is about political activism, an awareness of sustainability and an appreciation of good food. Here, she will provide insight into how she is able to convey all of this with sensuality and performative elements. Location: tent on the theatre forecourt


asociación tiempos nuevos teatro

For the group Asociación El Tiempos Nuevos Teatro from El Salvador, art is a tool for social change towards a more just and equitable society as well as for the recognition of diversity and respect for the fundamental rights of all human beings. The group will provide practical examples of how it realises its goals onsite in El Salvador in addition to reporting on its work in general. Location: upper foyer