As part of our partnerships programme, young people and artists from El Salvador, Nicaragua, France and NRW will work together in workshops. The results of their collaborations will be presented in various forms in the supporting programme. The aim of the partnerships programme is to promote cultural and artistic exchanges, thereby forging a common purpose. On Sunday morning the partnerships programme leaders will offer industry visitors an insight into their work and invite them to join in

building bridges

Jens Burde will work with young people from both El Salvador’s Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro and the Bertha von Suttner Secondary School to build, contemplate and experiment together. Screwdrivers, drills, saws, cable ties, cardboard, wood and lots of colour will all be a part of this collaboration. Sophisticated structures will be built together out of the simplest materials, reinvented and added to. Throughout the WESTWIND festival the building area will be open, inviting you to build Da Vinci’s legendary staircase or Fuller’s geodesic dome or to design something of your own.

Prasentation: Tuesday,  June 18th,  13.30h



what does home taste like?

What does home taste like? What makes a home? Is it a place – or is it a feeling, a tune, a smell or even a flavour? Ines Lauber embarks on a savoury journey, taking with her young people from Nicaragua’s Colectivo Nido de las Artes and Oberhausen’s Heinrich Heine Secondary School.
Food is a central them in our lives. Our traditions and rituals are bound with particular ingredients and the way we prepare them. Celebrating by feasting together is an important part of our cultural identity. The seismic events of history, wars, shifting borders, human migration and innovation - these all have their own flavour. What new flavours emerge and what flavours do we all bring with us from home? Which ones shape us and will always be with us, and which ones are we powerless to resist in the course of our lives? All these questions will be addressed in this workshop and expressed in an interactive and epicurean performance.

Prasentation: Wednesday, Mittwoch, June, 19th,  18.30h 


french-african connection: new sounds and distinct dances

Director Monika Gintersdorfer and acclaimed Coupé-Décalé and Ndombolo dancers ANNICK CHOCO and ORDINATEUR will open the WESTWIND festival on June 15th 2019 in Oberhausen with their production of "News Room n ° 11 – Too much Inspiration", created with young people from the banlieues of Paris. During the Festival they will conduct a five-day workshop with young people from Oberhausen. They will be exploring dances that have emerged from exile, new and old homelands, the European and African continents. Questions around recent developments in music and dance history will be explored through dance. The focus of the workshops is dance and its socio-political context in the recent past. The workshop participants will learn to dance and analyse their movements. Together they will take part in the growing study of urban phenomena. At the end of the WESTWIND festival there will be a presentation to the public.
Prasentation: Friday,  June 21th,  16.15h 


annick choco