next generation forum 2019

Out of the many responses to our nationwide call for applications, 11 young professionals and students from the areas of dramaturgy, directing, theatre arts, cultural studies, acting,
performance art and puppetry as well as cultural & theatre education and cultural management have been selected to participate in this year’s “Next Generation Forum”. They are a very special part of WESTWIND. The participants attend all festival performances and additional events, engage in critical debate and learn with & from one another as they experience new techniques on stage, network with established theatre professionals and spend an intense week gaining many new impressions.
The goal: to let go of the habits and securities we once held dear, ready to view both the familiar and the unfamiliar with new eyes. Let us seek to broaden our perspectives and our
horizons, with the courage to try new things in pursuit of personal growth. Crossing over into unknown territory and leaving our comfort zone behind us – that is the essence
of growth. Natascha Albert, Katharina Dittrich, Lene Gaiser, Ronja Gerlach, Li Kemme, Lisa Catrin Kirschker, Maria Obermeier, Fabian Rosonsky, Jonas Sausmikat and Lena Sophie Weyers as well as Emel Aydoğdu from Theater Oberhausen have been selected to venture on this year’s journey with the accompaniment and support of theatre-maker Canip Gündoğdu.

canip gündogdou

Born in 1978 in Tavsanli/Turkey, he grew up in Castrop-Rauxel and has lived in Bielefeld for 19 years. After his studies of pedagogy and theatre education, he went on to head intercultural theatre projects at home and abroad as well as integrative theatre projects and productions with students from all types of schools. He has a passion for clowning techniques and theatre workshops for children, teens and adults. For several years, he has additionally led theatre groups at the municipal theatres of Minden, Gütersloh and Bielefeld. Moreover, he works as a clinic clown, a vocational preparation coach and a lecturer for the state-wide youth theatre association Spiel und Theater NRW e.V.