next generation 2020

The next generation. What does it mean to be the next generation? What is it that defines its members and what are they tasked with?  Isn’t that a big responsibility? What do we expect as we look towards the future? How can we change the future? Is children’s and youth theatre going through a transformation? How can we influence this transformation?

10 young people from the fields of dramaturgy, directing, cultural and political studies, theatre arts, dance, scenic research, media studies and cultural & theatre education have been selected through our nationwide call for applications to become a very special part of the WESTWIND festival. They are this year’s “Next Generation Forum 2020” and will take a deep look at these questions.

Together, they will attend the performances, gain experience, engage in discussions, question everything, listen, intervene, focus on key aspects, get involved, express and exchange opinions, help out, learn, network and grow.

The young professionals and students Carl Babusch, Selma Böhmelmann, Sarah Clemens, Birte Eilbrecht, Merisa Ferati, Sara Gröning, Judith Hesselmann, Stella Konnen, Ruth Ortlieb and Miriam Schmidt will be accompanied by theatre education specialist Lisa Catrin Krischker and supported by Pia Böhme.

Visitors can get to know the Next Generation during the “Next Generation Evening” on Monday, 04.05.2020 at 20:00.