Luna Ali

Nina Karimy

Ania Michaelis

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The theatre is a place that brings people together. Those with everything in common and those with nothing, the old and the young. The theatre is a place where we are invited to see and hear and feel. A place where people can grapple with what they have heard, seen and felt in the theatre. Or are even feel impelled to if the performance was good. That’s what’s important at the WESTWIND festival. The collective examination of the heard, seen and felt. That’s why there’s a discussion after every performance. In which all their questions and thoughts can be shared. Both the theatre-goers and the theatre-makers. The Festival jury moderate these discussions. Because they want to know what the audience saw, heard and felt. And to grapple with the important political questions of today. And because these debates are more important to us than a competition, the guest theatre groups from NRW are all awarded the same prize.