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eine Verblendung (world premier)

KOM'MA-Theater, Duisburg / a coproduction with Theaterkollektiv KOPIERWERK

It is impossible to put a catastrophe into words, to frame it as a story, otherwise it becomes a tragedy. A tragedy has a beginning and an end. The catastrophe at the Love Parade in Duisburg on 24.07.2010 has no end. The case investigating the death of 21 people was closed in 2020 without any convictions. The play “L_VEPAR_DE – eine Verblendung” (“L_VEPAR_DE – A Blinding Delusion”) tells of a traumatised city and the pressing question of who is responsible that remains unanswered to this day. And it tells of the paralysing state of shock we experience in the face of inexpressible catastrophe.

Selection committee statement excerpt:
“The theatre-makers … have succeeded in producing such a fine example of documentary theatre. (…)
Again and again, highly emotional moments unfold, without allowing the production to lapse into voyeurism. (…)
This Duisburg production is a building block in the process of coming to terms with the catastrophe which can sensitise young people to take a closer look.”

Duisburg-based children’s and youth theatre KOM’MA was founded under the name ReibeKuchenTheater in 1976, thus making it one of the oldest independent theatres for young audiences in the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1994, the ensemble of KOM’MA-Theater have made their home at the municipal KOM’MA cultural centre.

Since 2016, the theatre collective KOPIERWERK has been devoted to investigating the complexity of social interactions in an age of multimedia. Their work highlights the diverse range and contradictory nature of everyday experiences. Their productions have received several awards – most recently, the production “Shame, shame but different”, which was selected as a prize-winner by the youth jury at the 35th edition of the festival “Theatertreffen NRW”.



Sun., 22.08.2021


Mon., 23.08.2021


Accessible to

done public | 16+


pin_drop Roter Saal


75 Min.


KOM'MA-Theater, Duisburg / Koproduktion mit Theaterkollektiv KOPIERWERK



KOM'MA-Theater, Duisburg / a coproduction with Theaterkollektiv KOPIERWERK

Written & directed by: René Linke
Assistant director: Luisa Schwab
Scenery: Marcel Linke, Frank Boermann
Organisation: Renate Frisch, Sascha Bauer, Katrin Siedler
Technical direction: Clemens Hörlbacher
Choreography & performance: Marcel Sparmann
Sound & composition: Max Kotzmann
Visuals: Laura Brinkmann, Laura Thomas
Performance: Laura Brinkmann, Esther Butt, Leon Frisch, Moritz Rüge, Annika Schmidt, Laura Thomas
Voiceovers: Jana Balzert, Angelo Enghausen-Micaela, Franziska, Hammerschmidt, Matilda Heyer, Sheila Krause, Thorsten, Strunk, Finn Thieme
Performing rights: The theatre company

Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW, NRW State Office for the Independent Performing Arts, Förderverein Spielträume e.V.

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