pièce d’actualité n°11: trop d’inspiration

Saturday, June 15th, 17.30h
Venue: big stage

Duration: 80 minutes
from 12 years

Director and choreographer: Monika Gintersdorfer and Franck E. Yao aka Gadoukou la Star
Performance / Dance: Alaingo, Annick Choco, Gadoukou la Star, Misha, Ordinateur et Amy, Angelica, Vitalina et Wizlex
Performance rights: La Fleur and La Commune

Over the last 15 years thrilling new dance and music styles have sprung up in Paris and elsewhere in France. Song lyrics and dances from Africa and Europe are being articulated by a new generation, uniting the influences of both continents. They reflect life in the French suburbs and life in the African countries their families have come from. A new mix has been created, that’s being listened and danced to all over the world

produced by La Commune Center dramatique national d'Aubervilliers, La Commune CDN, Aubervilliers