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Awareness Team

At WESTWIND festival, we want all participants to feel comfortable at all times. In this spirit, no assaultive / transgressive and / or discriminatory behaviour will be tolerated.

The festival team strives in no way to provide a stage for assaultive / transgressive and / or discriminatory behaviour.

This aim played a key role both in the selection of plays and the design of the festival.

Any person who is confronted with assaultive / transgressive behaviour can meet with a member of the festival’s awareness team at any time. An awareness team representative will be located in the festival hub and can be approached during festival hours. If you are unable to locate a member of the awareness team, please feel free to call the awareness hotline anytime during the festival. The awareness team will act in the interest of the persons concerned, with a supportive and anti-oppressive attitude.

AWARENESS HOTLINE: 0049 (0) 1525 / 863 936 3