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production discussions and special talks

Moderation: Alexis Rodríguez Suárez and Seda Sönmeztürk

This year (professional) audiences at WESTWIND festival are once again invited to join post-show talks with each respective production team.

The focus is on exchange. The artistic teams will answer questions on their working methods, explain how the theme of the production came about and ask any questions they might have for the audience. And audience members will get the chance to talk as well: about what they have seen, heard and felt. Any questions that arise can be formulated and discussed together.

The production discussions will take place in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere at Theaterrevier (and once at Kammerspiele!).

Production discussion schedule

Robin und die Hoods, Sunday, 12.06.22 at 20:00 - Theaterrevier

Master of Desaster, Monday, 13.06.22 at 17:00 - Theaterrevier

Ronja Räubertochter, Monday, 13.06.22 at 18:00 - Theaterrevier

Spectacular Failures, Tuesday, 14.06.22 at 12:00 - Theaterrevier

Hier kommt keiner durch!, Tuesday, 14.06.22 at 16:00 - Theaterrevier

IKAR – zu Wasser, zur Lande, in der Luft, Tuesday, 14.06.22 at 17:00 - Theaterrevier

33 Frauen, Tuesday, 14.06.22 at 21:00 - Kammerspiele

DWDW – Die Sache mit dem Wasser, Wednesday, 15.06.22 at 20:00 - Theaterrevier

Friedl Dicker, Thursday, 16.06.22 at 15:30 - Theaterrevier

Der Bär, der nicht da war, Thursday, 16.06.22 at 17:00 - Theaterrevier

Special talks

Alexis Rodríguez Suárez and Seda Sönmeztürk will be moderating two special talks intended as exchange platforms that tackle modern-day topics affecting theatre. Everyone is cordially invited.

Special talk I

A spot of tea with the international guests? Yes, absolutely!

We would like to create a space to learn about the work and experiences that international guests bring with them. It is intended as a space where we can learn more about the different contexts of theatre for children and young people. What challenges and opportunities accompany their everyday lives? What might exchange platforms look like in the future?

In English
Monday, 13 June, from 21:00 at Theaterrevier festival hub

Special talk II

One more thing I’d like to say... just before the end

As the festival draws to a close, our heads and hearts are filled with the many questions and impressions that we have gathered in the course of the festival. Which topics have moved us? Which ones have fallen short? This round-table discussion will focus on them!

Thursday, 16 June from 21:00, at Oval Office Bar


Alexis Rodríguez Suárez describes himself as a cis queer man of colour in the diaspora. He currently works in Dortmund in a counselling and empowerment programme for young queer people of colour. He also creates spaces for underrepresented or non-visible communities and their stories as a curator and community organiser. He has collaborated with various organisations in Germany to develop community-based art and film projects as well as cultural and political education initiatives.

Seda Sönmeztürk studied philosophy and sociology. In addition to teaching as an adjunct lecturer, she works at the faculty of ethnology at Ruhr University Bochum. She is academically involved in various theatre projects and is currently interested in possibilities of dialogue between science and theatre.