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Rotunde, Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 3, 44787 Bochum, admission from 9:30 p.m

The polar caps are disappearing. Temperatures are rising. Everything is melting away. The MELTING DISCO is a solidarity party series for the earth. Admission is on a donation basis and benefits projects and organisations committed to combatting climate change.

Concert with Ducks on Drugs

Ducks on Drugs are the duo Daniela Reis and Ente Schulz, two people who have found each other and will never let go. And how awesome is this: we get to be there!

Their music is reminiscent of German rock bands such as Malaria and Die Ärzte with influences from Pulp, Marianne Rosenberg, Ideal and Marusha along with everything and anything that has popped into their heads during many a crazy night. Add to that Daniela’s unmistakably deep and clear voice accompanied by Ente’s mighty roar, sprinkled here and there with electronic beats and synthesised sounds.


After the concert, there will be a party in the disco ball room of the ROTUNDA! Marc Eden and Lenni will play house music in its most diverse variations and varieties. They neither shy away from excursions into disco or even techno, nor are they afraid of cheesy melodies and occasional vocals, usually a little tongue-in-cheek. Guilty pleasures? Guiltless pleasures! The red thread that runs through all of these pigeonholes is groove and soul – and a good time for all.