burghofbühne dinslaken

meet me

Monday, 14. May, 11.00 Uhr

by Liv Heløe
translated by: Berit Glanz

Directed by: Mirko Schombert
Scenery and costumes: Jörg Zysik
Music: Jan Exner
Featuring: Jan Exner, Marie Förster, Yunus Emre Kubat, Asim Odobasić
Performing rights: Theaterstückverlag, Munich

Duration: 65 minutes, ages 13 and up
Bilingual: German and simple English
venue: Comedia Theater, roter Saal
Vondelstraße 4 - 8

Shaya and Feda `s everyday life in the refugee shelter is bleak: no residence permit, no money, no access to society. Surrounded by a foreign culture and a strange language. A ticket to the city and their mobiles are the only distractions they have. La`lia, who has a crush on Shaya, texts him: "meet me four o `clock". She probably wants the money back that she lent him so he could make something of himself. But Shaya used it to buy an expensive pair of sunglasses - in rainy Norway, of all places.

"Politically relevant, emotionally touching, artistically ambitious (...) an absorbing, bilingual production with an endearing team of actors (...) ]fast-paced, deliberate and contrived. And yet the performers still find enough calm moments to transport their protagonists` feelings through facial expressions and gestures."
Neue Rheinzeitung, 17.06.2017

Sponsored by: Landschaftsverband Rheinland